After Market O2O [Business Due Diligence]

Project Background

Our client is a global leader of lubricant, and it wants to make strategic investment into the target company, HB, a rising star in automotive maintenance market that provides free maintenance service for the consumers who are using products from ally insurance company. The project is to provide business feasibility assessment of HB for the client

Research Scope

Project Execution

The project was comprised of internal & external investigation

To finalize a comprehensive view on HB’s business model, the internal investigation included one-on-one interviews with the management team of each department, combined with cold calls with regular employees

To understand HB’s opportunities and challenges, the external investigation included one-on-one interviews with all supply chain stakeholders including repair plants, insurance company, and Strategy Director of Tencent

ZK Consulting kept close contact with client to ensure the timely and quality delivery that would meet their requirements


ZK Consulting provided solid data analysis and critical assessments regarding HB’s business feasibility, investment risks, sustainability in collaboration & valuation

After the investigation, our client made the decision to invest, followed by subsequent finance & legal audit due diligence as well as business negotiation

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