NEV Driving Motor [Market Entry Study]

Project Background

A renowned gearbox manufacturer is looking forward to business transformation to enter NEV market since the government policies tend to place more strict regulations on traditional vehicle industry

Leveraging on its technology and experience in gearbox manufacturing, this project is to assess the opportunity of entering driving system market including e-motor and controller


Project Execution

The project was conducted through one-on-one interviews with 2 industry experts and 20+ insiders of competitors, including salesperson, engineers, and marketing & strategy staff.

ZK consulting built up a market trend forecast model based on thorough analysis of industry policy, and offered valuable market insights derived from competitors’ strategies as benchmarks for product positioning.


ZK Consulting delivered the market entry solution supported by substantial market information and the analysis of key factors to clients for their better understanding of market trends, potential opportunities, and challenges.

The client has taken ZK’s suggestions. For the next step, they will proceed to strategic acquisition of the cutting-edge E-motor technology in Europe and prepare for market entry.

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