Our team has provided services for world’s top strategy consulting firms, and has provided domestic enterprises and multinational companies with a series of strategic planning ranging from enterprise control, supply chain optimization, capacity acceleration, oversea market development, to mergers and acquisitions, etc.
The strategic planning tailored by ZK for our clients not only fits for their needs but also helps them implement corporate strategy by utilizing ZK’s resources.
With accurate understanding of the market trends and data, our strategic planning is more executable!

Specific contents:

• Growth Strategy: sales/operating profit growth as the goal of the strategy, from early market research, market analysis, to the strategic plan, plan sensitivity analysis, auxiliary implementation;
• Market Entry Strategy: 1) new product market entry. Conduct research on target market, analyze the market demand and competition status, find market opportunities, and give Suggestions and implementation steps for market entry; 2) transnational market entry: conduct pre-research on laws and regulations, macro-economy, investment risk and competition status of target region, and find proper business operation mode, risk control strategy and market development strategy;
• Investment and Merger: investment opportunity analysis, investment target selection, business due diligence, risk analysis, investment return analysis, etc.;
• Competitive Strategy: conduct a comprehensive analysis of direct and indirect competitors in the market, analyze the advantages and disadvantages and development trends of competitors from the perspectives of enterprise strategy, marketing and sales strategy, product strategy, operation strategy and other dimensions, find competitive strategic planning, and continuously provide updated competitors' intelligence;
• Brand Strategy: brand positioning, brand image advice, brand development and management, brand research, competitive brand analysis, etc.

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