ZK well understands the market, and has clearer idea about the needs of customers and clients.
Usually we follow the traditional logic to start from the basic requirements, and then figure out what functions/attributes our clients need. This is consistent with the practices by most consulting firms.
However, ZK believes that in addition to the basic requirements, we should also pay attention to the subconscious emotional needs of our clients as the consuming party. Our analysts have abundant experience in high-end consumer goods and consumer insights in the luxury industry, and have unique insights into consumer psychology and brand management. Our team is in closest connection with consumer psychology and subconsciousness!

Specific contents:

• Target Customer Data/Consumer Personas: age, gender, occupation, education, income, lifestyle, family, etc • Branding: brand recognition, brand recognition, etc
• Communication Channels: traditional media, new media, online platforms, etc
• Sale channels: traditional supermarket, online, etc
• Purchase Decisions: influencing factors, initiators, influencers, decision makers, etc
• Product Satisfaction: pre-sale/after-sale satisfaction survey
• Analytical Tools: qualitative analysis, quantitative research, joint analysis, etc

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