ZK has two prominent strengths in company intelligence.
Resources: Our consultants are in the frontline of market research for years and have built up their own personal network from all industries. Apart from communications for daily work, they have established mutual trust that is fundamental for fast access to key information. We can provide our clients with more efficient services!
Insights: Our analysts are rigorously trained for business thinking in top institutions of higher education both at home and abroad, and are equipped with keen sense of information gathering. Based on the research, our analysts will dig into the logic behind the data, and often come up with unexpected insights for our clients. We can provide our clients with more valuable insights!

Specific contents:

• Company Background: department structure, development history, core team, company size, technology patents, relevant important events, etc
• R&D: r&d investment, r&d team, r&d main content, etc
• Production: capacity, equipment, process, factory scale, capacity planning, quality control, etc
• Operation: cost analysis, supplier BOM, etc
• Market and Sales: after-sales service, customer list, product sales/price, promotion/sales strategy analysis, new product strategy and planning, etc

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