Thanks to our long-term focus on the forefront of the market, ZK has a unique advantage in market/industry audit.
With 10+ years of credentials and network, our consultants have accumulated rich experience in business, technology and innovation. ZK is widely acknowledged by industry leaders, and both have established long-term consistent cooperation.
In view of market research, we provide our clients with comprehensive analyses from macroeconomics to market segments, value chain analysis, policy interpretation, competitive landscape/trend analysis, etc. 
ZK is the telescope for clients to grasp the direction of the market!

Specific contents:

• Macro-Economy: GDP, industrial investment, debt (ratio), commodity prices, trade volume, CPI, demographic structure, household wealth, etc
• Market Sales/Sales Volume: annual sales volume, sales volume, region, product market segment, etc
• Product R&D/Technology Trends: new product development research, technology roadmap, new technology/material research, etc
• Industrial Policy Trends: national industrial policy, local industrial policy
• Market Competition Pattern: major market competitors, market share, product matrix, capacity planning, etc
• Industriy Chain Analysis: upstream raw material suppliers, raw material price trend, mid-stream manufacturers, integrators, downstream sales channels, dealers, etc
• Market Opportunity Analysis: market demand analysis, supply analysis, consumption trend, etc

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